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CPGFinancing.com was founded to help CPG Founders understand, pursue, and obtain the different types of financing available to them through all stages of their growth, from start-up and early stage to growth/pre-profitability to breakeven to profitable to multi-year profitable.

We will be your comprehensive online resource of debt & equity financing options to guide you along your financing journey.

CPG Financing Guide

Earlier this year we published CPG Financing Guide: Debt Financing, and founders are using this as a go-to resource.

We will follow up with our spreadsheet version which is now available.  It includes more detailed descriptions of 20 forms of financing available to CPG companies based on their funding stage.

We even share our list of 20+ trusted and vetted financing sources that we have
successfully worked with. We cannot wait to take you through it.

Your Financing Review

We cannot wait to meet you where you are and guide you along your financing journey. Are you ready to know what financing you qualify for today and into the future to support your growth? Book your 30-minute call with our founder, Keith Kohler, to get:

In service to the CPG community

Our founder, Keith Kohler, has lived the life of a CPG entrepreneur. A diagnosed Celiac, he was a co-founder of a gluten-free manufacturing facility, GF Solutions. His lessons as a founder have shaped the formation and growth of his finance consultancy.

Keith has worked with and impacted hundreds of companies with financing and financing education. He is dedicated to helping founders get the right financing at the right time™ via his strategy call – www.yourfinancingreview.com – and with the information from CPG Financing Guide.

Keith is also a sought after speaker on financing: he has led financing webinars for the Specialty Food Association, Hirshberg Entrepreneurship Institute, and has been a featured speaker on all aspects of debt financing for the Emerging Brands Summit and (for over 15 years) for the award winning Natural Products Consulting’s “Financing Your Consumer Products Company” in-person seminars.

Keith launched CPG Financing Month (www.cpgfinancingmonth.com) in February 2024, a series of in depth conversations exploring the financing and mindset journeys of CPG companies, and the Making the Numbers Work® for You retreat (www.makingthenumbersworkforyou.com) where he helps founders overcome anything holding them back from the successful management of their business finances.

Keith supports CPG founders in several other roles, including as a member of the selection committee of Nutrition Capital Network and a Wharton Venture Lab Expert in Residence and Mentor.

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