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Making the Numbers Work® for You

A 2-Day Transformational Business Finance and Mindset Retreat Plus 1 on 1 customized coaching


Are you aware of how you may
be holding yourself back,
increasing risk, and possibly
missing out on opportunities for
growth and expansion?


Do you rarely or sporadically
look at or review your
numbers with no
set schedule?


Are you making guesses about
how to manage your business
financials or do you not feel that
you have the support you need?

If any of these resonate with you, then the Making the Numbers Work® for You retreat is for you!

I’m Keith Kohler, Your FinancingMan and the creator of Making the Numbers Work® for You. In my nearly 15 years of working with clients on financing and consulting projects, I’ve witnessed the challenges business owners experience in managing their company’s finances. And now with three Making the Numbers Work® for You retreats in the books, I’ve transformed the way multiple business owners view and manage their business finances

Here’s what you’ll get out of attending the Making the Numbers Work® for You retreat:

Get out from under your limiting beliefs and other blockages holding you back so that you can fully adopt a healthy mindset and focus on your company’s growth and financing journey
Complete a thorough review of your current and projected financials, which will give you a fresh understanding of where you are
Implement a finance rhythm which will help you know what you need to be focusing on throughout the year
Last week I wrapped up the Making The Numbers Work® For You Retreat that was hosted by Keith Kohler…and I gotta say I was really surprised. What I thought I was getting into would be just like a review of numbers and making sure you have the right metrics for your business which are great. But I actually received a lot more help around mindset to finance, your approach and creating healthy routines. — JORDAN BUCKNER, FOUNDER, FOODBEVY.COM

If you’d like to start Making the Numbers Work® for You, then book your FinancingMan Strategy Session on my calendar.

Keith Kohler
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